S2 Search, an enterprise search solution that will integrate with any platform simply and easily.

Zero-code search solution – no developer or engineering resource required to get started.

Unmatched UX with clean and configurable UI. works seamlessly on all devices.

Pay monthly or annually (includes 1 month free), cancel at any time. All with rapid onboarding.

Successful Delivery of a modern Enterprise Search Solution requires highly experienced, high-cost developers. These developers must have skills in the Front End, Back End, API Design, Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps, Caching and Search technologies. The UI/UX must be flawless and the search has to be very fast. It must be responsive to all device types. I also have a number of non-functional requirements such as high availability, fault tolerance, Auto scaling and the support of zero downtime deployments. Does the S2 Search platform support these requirements?

Solutions Architect

Throughout my IT career the majority of which was in automotive, Search was always one of the most challenging requirements to deliver. The tech is very diverse and it covers the full spectrum of software delivery. It takes a fully-fledged IT team to ensure success which for a business is very costly. S2 Search caters for all these requirements and much more including numerous non-functional requirements which can be the most challenging to achieve. S2 Search is fully responsive and supports any device type. We offer high availability, geo-replication and scaling for any demand. With S2 Search you gain all these benefits, with free updates, continued support and a 99.9% SLA

JGilmartin founder Square2 Digital

S2 Search - Free Consultation

For a personalised demonstration of how S2 Search can help your business we can demo using your vehicle data and configure the UI to match your corporate branding. Just provide us in advance your export CSV file you send to Autotrader.

We are more than happy to visit you on site or via a Teams/Zoom video call, whichever works best for you.

You can view a live demo of S2 Search from the URL demo.s2search.co.uk

S2 Search – Admin Portal

Manage your search instance using the intuitive S2 Search Admin Portal

S2 Search – Search Insights

View detailed insights into the terms and keywords your customers are searching for

S2 Search – Search Trends

Understand the search trends and provide this valuable data to your buying team

S2 Search – Cost Effective

Rapid zero risk onboarding, pay monthly or annually, cancel at any time.

S2 Search Insights – Visualise exactly what and how your customers are searching. Use this data to make improved marketing and product buying decisions.

The S2 Search solution provides you access to data analytics in the form of Search Insights. As your customers use your S2 Search application it will automatically begin to collect data covering a wide variety of data points about your products. You will gain an insight into how and what your customers are searching for. It will collect everything from text search , search filters and the way your customers are ordering results.

S2 Search Insights can be viewed from the admin portal or the data can be exported and used with a data visualisation tool such as Power BI. Contact us for more details.

S2 Search Insights

We aggregate this data to provide you a rich set of intelligence that will act as a tool for you to make better business decisions.

Using these data points, you can track specific metrics of search activity and use them to drive marketing activity and the stock profile your buyers are targeting.

Arrange Demo

S2 Search - Onboarding



A face to face meeting or remote over teams where we demonstrate the platform with your vehicle data – we will discuss your expected user traffic to determine the best package for your business.


Data Integration

We will work with you to setup your data integration. We support FTP and all common CSV data formats such as Autotrader and DMS14.


Configure Instance and Domain

We will configure your corporate colour scheme, branding and setup your domain. We will test the instance and check all vehicles are linking back correctly to your website. We will ensure everything is working as expected.


Your search instance is now ready for launch. You can configure your website or app to link to your S2 Search instance. We will closely monitor the usage over the coming weeks and provide feedback on the performance.

We believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only
way to have a real impact on their business.

S2 Search Implementation options

S2 Search is a versatile platform tailored to meet diverse business needs and varying levels of network traffic. We accomplish this through our array of customized packages designed to suit your specific requirements.

For businesses with lower traffic demands, our basic package offers an excellent blend of performance and affordability, making it an ideal starting point.

However, if your website experiences high traffic volumes, particularly one with a customer-facing aspect serving thousands of users daily, a dedicated instance becomes essential. We provide options for both single dedicated instances and Geo-replication across multiple data centers.

An S2 Search Instance comprises a cluster of robust infrastructure resources. In our shared instance model, a limited number of customers share the same cluster, ensuring efficient resource utilization. Alternatively, our dedicated clusters provide exclusive infrastructure resources dedicated solely to your business. Notably, all our infrastructure is hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

For those seeking Geo-replication, we can establish multiple dedicated instances and seamlessly balance your traffic across them for optimal performance and reliability.

If S2 Search aligns with your business needs or if you have any inquiries about our services and pricing, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a tailored solution. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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